Meet our team!

Meet our team!

Since we've gained followers and subscribers in the past few months and many don't know us or only know one of us, we wanted to take some time to introduce each member of our team and what each one of us does primarily in building Trijent towards growth.

Jamie Laycock

Jamie is the father of Jordan and Jeron (and four others), the other two members of the team. Jamie spent 34 years in manufacturing quality engineering for Square D/Schneider Electric. During his time as a quality engineer, Jamie developed excellent problem solving skills in ensuring ease of manufacturing, smooth production processes, cost reductions, and solving issues that were hurting product quality. Jamie puts these skills to use with Trijent by developing jigs and forms for part production and assembly, developing and executing necessary product modifications for more consistent production operations, and assisting Jeron with development of new parts.

Jeron Laycock

Jeron is the younger of the two brothers and works as a master carpenter, has a technical certification in CNC programming, and makes a variety of handcrafted Native American and medieval style jewelry, leatherworking, and other crafts. Jeron also spent 6 years in the Army reserves as a 12N, Horizontal Construction Engineer. Jeron puts his skills to use with Trijent in CNC part production, design and drawing enhancement, and creating part prototypes using a 3D printer, plasma cutter, CNC/manual mill and hand tools.  

Jordan Laycock

Jordan is the older of the two brothers and works as a warehousing operations supervisor. Jordan spent 15 years in the Indiana Army National Guard, exiting as a Captain, after having served as an engineer officer in roles such as Site Engineer Operations Director for the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Assistant Operations Officer for the 2-152 IN, and Company Commander for C Co, 2-152. Jordan puts his skills to use with Trijent in new product development (meaning he comes up with ideas that Jamie and Jeron make a reality), business development and operations, and sales.

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