About Us

Like our peers Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft, Trijent was started in a garage. Jordan got the idea for our first project, the mech-loader, while in the National Guard. There was a day at the range when people stopped shooting because they were tired of loading magazines. He developed a very rough sketch of an idea and brought it to his dad, Jamie, and brother, Jeron. They liked the overall concept but completely changed the design for the better. The three of us continued to improve the idea and Jeron would 3D print parts as the design was refined. Eventually an engineer friend of Jordan’s, Justin, was brought in as well. The four of us developed and improved the design over three years through many life changes. Since the first garage, we moved to a second garage when Jamie moved, then finally upgraded to a chicken coop that Jamie and Jeron refurbished with menial assistance from Jordan. We bought the machinery to produce small quantities on our own and continue to work on the development of additional products to offer to help you do want you want to do, to shoot more.